Let Your Child's Imagination Blossomwith Art Classes Full of Fun and Creativity!

A Creative Outlet for Self-Expression

Step into the world of children’s art lessons—where creativity blooms. It’s an easy, enjoyable way for your child to have fun, spark their imagination, and craft some truly awesome creations.

Inspiring & Motivating
Young Minds to Achieve

Better Hands and Fingers

Drawing, painting, and moulding, help children to become super skilled with their hands.

Smarter Thinking

Art makes children really good at thinking up new ideas, solving problems, and using their imagination.

Feelings and Friends

Art lets children show how they feel without words, and it’s awesome for making friends and working together.

Most Popular Courses

Most Popular

An Introduction to the world of Arts
Understand further the importance of Art

Most Popular

Advanced & O-Level Arts Prep

Kind Word's From Parents

Our lessons can be adapted for different levels and skills. Therefore, even if your child starts attending art at an older age, s/he will still attend with his/her age-group.

Students need their art supplies as noted in the materials list. If you opt for your child to use the material from class, rather than buying your own, this is offered at a Eur15 charge per term. Nevertheless, ALL students will require a packet of tissues, wipes, sanitiser, apron and a drink.

Your child will be offered the option to attend an alternative slot to make up for the missed lesson. If all slots are full, an online video tutorial will be sent, which children can follow at their own convenience at home.

In this case, students will have the choice to attend alternative lesson slots with a different group. If students choose not to attend any of the replacement options, there will be no refund provided. However, an online video tutorial will be sent as an alternative learning resource.

Once payment and booking have been confirmed, please be aware that we do not accept any requests for refunds or postponements. In this case, a credit note will be issued, which may be redeemed on other courses or sessions provided by Budding Artists.

Naturally, when students keep attending the course subsequently term after term, they are more likely to grow familiar with the concepts named above. Despite the students building on their previously acquired skills, coursework is NOT repeated from term to term. New students are always encouraged to join in even at a later stage during the scholastic year, as they will catch up with the rest of the group.

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